Mohammad Malchi

Master of Science (Msc.) In Oil & Gas Economics   

Petroleum University of Technology, Tehran   

who are we And what are we doing here

High goals

For a long time during the student period, I was looking for various sources, including pamphlets and economic books and trading tools, and I found them difficult to access. Therefore, I decided that in addition to providing the required files, tools and training to those interested, I also share my experiences in various fields such as trading, data science, accounting, marketing and commerce with them.

Who we are

I am Mohammad Malchi, the founder of “Ecomal Economic Group”. My interest in the world of economics was formed when I entered the field of economic sciences and participated in the basic economics class of Dr. Mehdi Zahedgharavi. With the passage of time and benefiting from the knowledge and experience of the prominent professors of Ayatollah Boroujerdi University, my interest in this field increased day by day. By getting to know Dr. Parviz Jalili Kamjo, with his valuable guidance, I entered the field of financial markets and gained many experiences with him. At the end of my studies, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the respected and caring professors Dr. Yunes Nadami, Dr. Hamid Asayesh, Dr. Mehdi Zahedgharavi, Dr. Mehdi Rostami, Dr. Nader Dashti, Dr. Asgar Khadem Vatani, Dr. Mohammad Reza Shakohi.

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